Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Post #4: Writing Websites

I am so thankful for the writing community. Anyone who says agents and editors are trying to keep people from getting published aren't listening to the right people. There are so many awesome industry professionals who work hard to educate and help new writers. If you want to get published, you must do your research. There is an abundance of information on the Internet, and honestly, I have no idea how people learned what they needed to before we had this amazing place to share and gather information. So here are just a few places where I learned more than I ever knew I needed to.

There are so many wonderful agents out there, all offering advice and willing to help new authors, even though they are already busy enough with helping their clients and finding new ones. So thanks to all those agents who are willing to share their advice. Here are three I've found helpful.

Mary Kole

The following sites have great information, from finding agents to polishing your query to honing your craft.

Query Tracker


I know there are so many I’m leaving out. These are just a few that I’ve been following for a while that I want to thank for helping me to learn and grow and improve. List your favorite writing websites in the comments.


  1. I so agree, there are so many industry professionals who want to spread the knowledge - they're awesome! Great post - thanks for sharing!

  2. Great links! Thanks for sharing. And I agree the writing community is the best! It's so warm and welcoming, like no other I've experienced.