Wednesday, April 2, 2014

RECLAIMED is six months old!

I can’t believe it’s already been six months since Reclaimed released! It’s been an incredible six months, full of awesome events, lovely reviews, and even lovelier support from readers and fellow authors. Thank you for reading, reviewing, and recommending Reclaimed. Thank you for the emails, the flails, and for your all-around awesomeness. To celebrate, I’m giving away an annotated copy of Reclaimed. The giveaway opens at midnight tonight and ends at midnight on April 14th. I will choose the winner on April 15th, the six-month annivesary of my release. Use the rafflecopter below, and thanks for spreading the word!
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  1. Hi! My name is Deniqua Frye and I'm a reader and writer. I just wanted to let you know that I loved Reclaimed! Most books that I read I don't bother trying to make a connection to, either I like them or I don't. With Jenna I realized early on that she was very relatable. Even though I haven't experienced most of the things she had in life I was able to understand her, and say I've felt like that before or I've thought that before. When I read the reviews on Goodreads I saw that it was mostly 5 star reviews so I gave it a shot, mostly because I wanted to know the big reveal. I admit I cried for Jenna when Ian/Luke's mom told her the truth, then I felt so relieved by the end. (I tried not to write any spoilers) I do like the way you ended it, but it still made me want more. You probably won't get around to reading this, but are you considering a second book? .I imagine that you're writing more books, so I'm excited to read those.

    1. Thank you so much! Comments like these make my day. I am not considering a second book for Reclaimed at this time, but I am hard at work on another project that I am very excited about. I can't say much, other than it's set in Louisiana and has kissing and heartache.

      Thanks again for reading. <3