Monday, June 10, 2013

BEA in Pictures

I know this BEA post is late, but that's because it took me a week to recover! New York City was amazing, but I came home exhausted. And excited. And already making plans for next year.

This is me on Wednesday. See how happy I am? That's because I am holding an ARC of RECLAIMED for the first time. It was surreal. And it made me forget the honking, screaming, f-bomb screeching experience of trying to catch a cab at La Guardia.

So I didn't take a lot of pictures, but most of the ones I took are of buildings. Being married to a builder does that. This is the Jefferson Market Library, where the Teen Author Carnival was held. It is a gorgeous place, and I really enjoyed the panels.

The lovely Dahlia took me for my first ever macaron. It was glorious.

On Thursday night I had dinner with all my Twitter friends, who are even better in real life.
I did my first ever author signing on Friday. I was a little nervous as the time neared, but once it started, I was too busy to remember nerves. I signed gorgeous posters of RECLAIMED, and two lucky winners received ARCS. I also got to meet the lovely Virginia, Steph, and Trisha Leigh, among others. Chatting with my Twitter friends was seriously the highlight of my trip.
This is the post office. Seriously. I had to mail all of the books I picked up at BEA, and I was looking for a little blue sign, hoping I didn't walk past it. Yeah, this building isn't exactly subtle.

This is my fabulous editor Danielle. She is the reason RECLAIMED will be out in October, after having found it during WriteonCon. She is even more amazing in person. There were lots of hugs.

And giggles. I probably laughed more on this trip than I do in a normal month. Megan kept me in stitches and high fives the entire time, and the adventurous Kelsey flew in for 24 hours. Seriously. She is that awesome.

Saturday night was spent in the company of amazing friends and show tunes. The lovely Jessica took us to a bar where we sang (well, they sang, I croaked) songs from Les Mis, My Fair Lady (Megan's cockney accent is sublime), and Sound of Music. If you ever want to feel inadequate, sit between Kelsey and Jessica while they are singing. Seriously.
I spent my last day in Brooklyn, eating pumpkin pancakes and enjoying Prospect Park.

And the books. I wish I could curl up in my office and not come out until school starts in August.
But more than the places I saw or the books I grabbed, BEA was a wonderful trip because of all the people I met, laughed with, and hugged.
And the macarons. The macarons were pretty great.  



  1. YAY BEA!!! I miss your face, love! That whole trip was so much fun and it was fantastic meeting you in person! Also, I kind of love how we both randomly did BEA recap posts on the same day. ;)

  2. Yay BEA!!! I'm so glad you had a good time here and we FINALLY got to meet. I can't wait to read RECLAIMED! Thanks for dinner and cupcakes with everyone else on Thursday night :)) And woooo look at that stack of books! :-)

    1. It was SO GREAT meeting you! Thursday night was a blast. :)

  3. Sarah Guillory, I am so proud of you. It has been a long time! I'm a senior writer at, and we're starting a series on the entrepreneurial side of authorship. We'd love to feature you as part of it. The site is just ending its soft launch this month. We've already got some pretty healthy partnerships inked, so as you move closer to release day, keep us in mind!

    1. Hi Aric! It HAS been a long time. Feel free to email me about the series: sarahguillory1(at)gmail